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7 Key benefits

1 Shorter construction times

The construction time and costs can be massively reduced when creating ‘temporary ballast retainers’.

2 Resource savings

The ballast usage and costs can be reduced when creating ‘permanent ballast retainers’.

3 Stability

Ballast bonding can stabilise crossing areas.

4 Safety

Bonding surfaces on high-speed lines increases safety.

5 Cost effectiveness

Bonding surfaces near railway stations enables them to be cleaned more cost effectively.

6 Innovation

Thanks to innovative machine technology, controlled automated bonding can be efficiently realised.

7 Environment

We protect our environment through optimised and minimal material consumption.

Fast, efficient and controlled track ballast bonding

equals major material, time and cost savings!


The advantages for you:

  • Shorter construction times
  • Lower costs
  • Fewer resources (ballast and bracing)
 Ballast bracingManual applicationSwiss Ballast Binder System
Performance20 – 50 m/Night500 m/Night10’000 m/Night

–– Unsatisfactory   – Poor   + Good   ++ Excellent

The Swiss Ballast Binder System eliminates the need for ballast bracing.